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Who makes strategic decisions has changed. Who makes purchasing decisions has changed. How the companies think about disruptive trends like AI has changed. Even how IT is talked about at board level has changed

What do these changes mean for marketers and teams trying to sell technology products to big companies?

The webinar went out live on 27th November 2018

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Our panellists


Neil Thorington

Managing director of Vanson Bourne with market knowledge and experience from senior roles at GfK and YouGov

e: neil.thorington@vansonbourne.com


Alan Edwards

Marketing consultant and former senior marketer at AVEVA, Peer 1, NTT Com Security and Intermec

e: alan@why-marketing.com
t: @alane61


Jimmy Mortimer

Research consultant at Vanson Bourne with more than a decade of experience in running market research projects

e: jimmy.mortimer@vansonbourne.com


Bob Tarzey

Freelance analyst and technology writer, formerly of market insight firm Quocirca

e: bobtarzey@outlook.com
t: @tarzey